The Ms. Zhou incoming telegram that lives in village of garden of booth of country of 9 booth ave, the old partner that mirrors oneself 80 years old takes ex上海k房荤场ercise on community fitness equipment when, because equipment attaint is brought about,decline fracture, the old partner finishs nowadays on the lies in the hospital as before sickbed of the operation, ms. Zhou wants to know, such accident after all this who will be in charge of. Down Ms. Zhou how-to, saw news Knews reporter上海水磨会所全套体验 find accident ground: The square of 9 booth health on 9 booth ave, last month 29 early in the morning, the old partner of Ms. Zhou: Summerly gentleman is called in namely: When taking exercise on th上海按摩推油生意好做吗e equipment of spacewalk machine, abrupt in the future admires a body to decline, 4 screw that discovery of after the event is footplate place become loose brought about an accident to happen. Appeal person week lady expresses, undergo surgery of fracture of thick grand of femur of him old partner, hit two steel nail, oneself gave more than 45000 money now, house appoint can say insurance company can give money entirely at the beginning, want us to withhold good bill only. See news Knews reporter be on the call-board of equipment edge,上海后花园爱上海 found a supervisory telephone call, the house in the booth that is correspondence actually appoint conference telephone call, staff member Miss Zhang comes the spot expresses, the accident was repaired with respect to the newspaper that day and paste caution mark. However, see from the picture that Ms. Zhou mobile phone films, accident after more than 10 上海会所招聘男性油压师days, the equipment of attaint still is used inside square, the surface also did not see any signs. The house in booth appoint meet a staff member Zhang Wei clean expresses: “Gross at that time 4 screw became loose, caused shake, after the accident, I phone style to anounce directly long, next I stuck piece of paper again above, explain: Equipment is bad already, taboo. ” appeal person week lady says: “Fall when fitness of my old partner last month, as a result I come here to look to December 10, the gymnastical equipment of this attaint still is in, there also are any caution marks above, if say my old partner did not fall, someone else comes to what the activity also can have an accident for certain, so house appoint can you be in after all what responsibility? ” it is what reason was brought about after all house appoint the scrip of meeting paste disappears, at present unknown, but much day does not repair the equipment of attaint to be not torn open, after all who will be in charge of? To this, hous上海贵族宝贝 龙凤e appoint can express, the daily examination of communal fitness equipment works really by house appoint meet a staff member assume, but the question that shakes this kind to concealment relatively like screw of footplate lower part, perhaps should be needed by discovery professional personage, the accident 杨浦区哪里有桑拿that produces at present also belongs to an extreme, they also feel very helpless. The house in booth appoint meet a staff member Zhang Wei clean expresses,spa水磨拉丝怎么做 if be being safeguarded at ordinary times, be to be resided at ordinary times appoint can go, check equipment twice to have damage every week, if encounter a problem,they call style place, style place looks for the master that services equipment to repair again. Asking duty, ms. Zhou also appealed to sufferin上海水磨全套会所 上海闵行区水磨地方g to the reporter, so tens of thousands of yuan medical treatment charge includes early days op上海后花园龙凤论坛eration and later period to turn all sorts of expenditure such as court上海静安桑拿外送yard physiotherapy, children asks for leave even accompany protect, be informed by insurance company however finally, only partial operation expenses can manage compensate, the others charge still does not have assured source. To this, 9 booth press down a government to express, hope old person sets his mind at first recuperate, after waiting for final cost to come out, relevant government sector can endeavor to deal with certainly. Loose river Ou Jiuting presses down governmental facilities to do Yu Chenjun to express, in succeeding activity, they will continue to maintain with the dweller communicate and contact, strive for actively in insurance, inside the range that permits in legal laws and regulations, strive for the biggest spent compensation. This morning, saw news Knews reporter be visited randomly static install the many dwellers village such as area, Pu Tuo area, long peaceful area, Xu Hui area, discover the communal fitness equipment inside every village all can be used normally, with house appoint in the communication that meets a staff member, be informed house appoint can person specially assigned for a task examines these material at least two times every week, return meeting somebody fixed scrub equipment, once appear problem, the newspaper is repaired on the horse. 上海油压店什么时候开The village in hill of the static elephant that bring a district resides appoint meet a staff member say: “Look to whether can be used normally, perhaps had screw to drop, want to appear in the newspaper, do not have screw at present like this kind of footplate, next this place has screw, you should visit every place very carefully. ” peaceful village of division of division length peace resides appoint meet a staff member say: “Experience personally like thi嘉定荤场ktvs kind of our meeting, look have rock, plant like this we also can shake, see the roller in the center have noise rock, after the newspaper is repaired, basically be in arrive two days, maintain a master to be able to come immediately. ” sign up for every上海宝山罗店 洗浴 桑拿 按摩 time not only long have paper record, like Pu Tuo the area promotes happy center village, the examination that still starts a dweller to participate in gymnastical equipment together works, see reporter of news Knews reporter see, the lower part of spacewalk engine base here has the mark that cement consolidate passes, so several days ago, with the spacewalk machine of square of health of the 9 booth in case, the equipment here appeared the evidence that base screw shakes, fortunately seasonable newspaper builds pass the time in a leisurely way besides hidden trouble. Center village resides general Tuo Ou Xingle appoint meet a staff member to say: “This has a dweller a few days ago namely seasonable hair is existing and slight bec阿拉爱上海ai010xyzame loose, we the generation to avoid hidden trouble, stuck billboard disuse next, consolidate later again of reuse. ” small make up remind, when dwellers are using communal fitness material, want to notice safety, what material examines first before had better be being used every time is firm, especially old people, must do according to one’s abilities, lest similar incident happens again.